Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anyone wants a beer?

So if you're a tumblr addict like me, you've probably noticed some of these images which I bet tons of people has re-blogged on their own tumblr page. Found this website called that belongs to two visual artist Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg who comes from NYC. They were the ones who created those beautiful stuff up there. It's like a .gif format of a still photo which is also known as 'cinemagraph'. It's awesome, don't you think so?

You can actually create this using Photoshop but you probably need to input some patience while creating it as well. Oh, and you also need to shoot a video with a tripod so that the still photo will be much more better. I tried doing this while at work today and...since I am a slow learner, I kinda failed -_- Plus, the lighting inside the office wasn't that great hence the video that I took wasn't satisfying either. BUT, I shall try again since my dear colleague, who's Photoshop skill is way beyond better than me managed to create the cinemagraph .gif easily. Yes, I am still very much a n00bie! Kinda embarrassing since I teach Computer Graphics in college pffft. Well, at least I am being honest right?

It's been quite a busy and tiring week so far. I don't really like bringing home work to do but it seems like I'm more motivated to work at home rather than inside the office. Anyway, I shall try to do some painting tonight! On the other note, I miss hanging out at the Malay stall outside my place. Miss watching B-Grade movies from Cinemax too hehe. Sometimes ordinary places like a normal Malay stall can be one of the places where you are able to have a good time with your friends and also where you can just talk about everything in the same roof. Yes, deep meaningful life stories included hahaha.


Ivan Ho said...

Y the picture so cute???

maslight said...

I was scrolling the photo and realize it's moving. zomg wut is this kewlness. Anyways, the photo itself is kewl enuff. I rike.

Santafire said...

ya, they're so cool!
I'm a fan.

Attempted these a few months ago. Still not proud of it tho :{P