Friday, July 15, 2011

Blue eyes blue

These days, I don't really have what you call a 'hip and happening' life after work and since I hardly go out for drinks on weeknights anymore, I've been spending more time at home. It's not exactly a bad thing actually because I like having 'me' time and do whatever things that I wanna do. So far, with me staying at home I've been watching this Korean drama on TV called Personal Taste and I've been following all the episodes everyday! Although I hate it when it's been dubbed in Mandarin but Lee Min Ho is acting in this drama so, that's probably the main reason why I've been watching it religiously :)

Staying at home also means I need to motivate myself to do more artsy fartsy stuff be it drawing, painting, doodling or even do some designing cos I think this is the only time I can devote myself on doing stuff that I love. Did this watercolour painting of a woman last night. Got the reference from the net and traced it out into the watercolour paper. Too lazy to draw the manual way hehe. It's actually just a practice for me on handling watercolour better and trying out a new style. I hardly paint something and leave a lot of negative space around. But I really enjoyed doing this last night although I'm not sure if it's nice or not. I think some of my students can do better :P Pardon me for having low self-confidence over and over again hee~ I wanna do another piece with this kind of style again. Just need to find another reference...maybe I will try to paint a male now.

It's finally Friday and I so look forward for the weekend! Tonight I will be going to see my first Broadway Musical in Lagoon, then Urbanscapes tomorrow and maybe if I am able to get tickets, I'll watch Harry Potter on Sunday or maybe not. I'll just see how it goes. Oh, if you're wondering how often do I wash my watercolour palette, well the answer is I don't wash it at all! It has been 3 years already :)

Have an awesome weekend everybody!

P/S: I love morning rain :D
P/P/S: Today, one of my students said I'm really cool muahahaha *can you see how wide my smile is?* HAHAHA.


Santafire said...

Arrh malasnya mau cari paints sini. Kan bagus if kk pun got Vision branch XD

It looks good! I'm inspired!

v said...

awesome :)

Vivien Dumpangol said...

Santafire: yabah...tulah di kk susah mau cari art materials kan! i know sana karamunsing ja ada. dunno if the shop still ada or not :)

V: thank you!