Sunday, July 03, 2011

Hello July v.02

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WOW. Can you believe half of the year has gone? I mean, how fast can this be right? Now there's only 6 months left before the end of 2011, I'll be 27 soon...and that doesn't really excites me that much pffft. On Thursday evening as I was walking back home from work, I was trying to recall all the things that I've done and events/happenings that I've been to in the past 6 months.

Well, to be honest...there's not so much things that I've done or achieved which so far is errr...kinda disappointing. Somehow I wished I could've done more but being 'THE' major procrastinator, it's just not easy for me to be motivated to do something. I've been wanting to open an Etsy shop, but had to postpone the plan (for now) because my teaching job needed more attention and I've only done a maximum of 2 paintings! Seriously? Just two? That's waaaay too little. So yeah as you can see, I didn't managed to do much for the entire 6 months.

Of course there are still some other things that I did like travelling to Indonesia with my own hard earn money, going for concerts (Maroon 5 and Justin Bieber), yes I did went to Justin Bieber's concert...I just haven't blog about it yet (see what I mean about being a procrastinator?), spent time with family and friends...hmm, I guess that's pretty much about it. Now as we welcome another brand new month, I just felt like I needed to do more and not to procrastinate too much. Good luck on that Vivien hahaha. Anyway, hope you guys will have a good month ahead! Let's see how much can I 'do' or 'achieve' this month onwards :) I can do this!!!

July also means INCUBUS IN...20 DAYS! JYEAH!

P/S: Am I the only one who hasn't watched Transformers 3 yet?

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