Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hope it's not too late

The other day when I was done doing a little bit of exercise and also a little bit of running (yes, it is finally time for me to do more exercise from now on to stay healthy and err...lose that weight haha), I sat on a swing and had a short quiet moment before I headed back home. It was right at this time when I had all these sudden flashbacks of me when I was a kid together with my family having our 'family day' out on Sundays. Well, it was kind of weird to have these sudden flashbacks and REALLY random too, but it just happened...I guess I just miss having my family around. *sigh*

You know, we used to have family day out every Sunday when my brother and I were still kids. I remembered having breakfast in this restaurant near SuperTanker in Bundusan almost every Sunday morning and my mum would order the same exact food for me. Sometimes, we'll even head all the way to Karamunsing for breakfast too. I also remembered going to Tanjung Aru beach to play along the beach or to Prince Philip Park to play at the playground. If I were to look back the photos that my dad took of us back then, I would definitely recall a lot of other nice 'family' memories. Those days were just fun and good.

It's a little different now seeing the amount of time that I spend with my own family seems lesser because I am not currently staying with them at the moment. But I made a point that whenever I am back, I will always have dinner together at home cos that's the least I can do. Within that period of time, I get to talk, share, update each other with what's currently going on with our lives and basically just being in the same place at the same time together...although my dad, for some odd reason decided not to have dinner with my mum, brother and me anymore. Not that I didn't made an effort to ask him to. I asked him every single time, even though I knew what his answer was gonna be.

I think as I grow older and having the experience of being away from my family for quite sometime, the thing that I probably yearn the most now is to have some quality time with them. Just the four of us, as a family. But it just seems so hard to do it now since I feel like nobody is making an effort to even plan a family day out. Even going out for a simple dinner seems impossible but in case you're wondering, I did made an effort but maybe it's still not enough.

I know I don't really talk about my family here, but there are times when all these random flashbacks occurred, that's when I actually miss my family the most or even when I *had* to eat dinner alone heh. I think, what I'm wishing is to have/spend more time with my family...go out for a nice dinner once in a while, or even  go on a holiday...because the last time I checked the last holiday that I went with my own family was like 16 years ago! Sad, I know. Sometimes, just looking an my friends spending good times with their families made me a little sad too. But nevertheless, I am still thankful that my parents and brother are still in good health and I am thankful that everytime I am going home, I know my family will always welcome me with open hands. Still need to count my blessings, no? Just hope that it's still not too late for us to have more family day out, hopefully soon :)

Sorry if this post sounds emo haha. It's just one of those days.

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