Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Instagram part tres

Just another filler post here today...Monday till Wednesday are always my busiest days at work. Morning classes for straight 3 days seems like a big challenge to me since I really hate waking up early. But I've been doing that (waking up early) for the past few months already and even during the weekends! But still, I felt like a big challenge to get ready in the morning and make it in time for class. Not a very easy thing to do especially if your bedtime is always around 2-3am-ish like me -___-

Part 3 of instagram photos! Captions are below.

1. Bought a new book to read and hope to finish it soon so I can finally read Breaking Dawn (the last twilight series haha) 2. Coffee...a beverage that never fails to make me happy 3. Current favourite shoes! 4. Colourful stripes ♥ 5. Audrey and Mierah 6. First mail art (I've sent it already btw) 7. Green tea given by my colleague. It tasted good! 8. OWL RINGS from Bangkok! 9. Goodies from Korea :) 10. Teh Tarik form Roti Boy 10. Spotted Mr. Ken Wong! Man, I haven't seen that dude for months!

Okay, that is all. Bye.