Monday, July 04, 2011

So maybe I'll see you on the 4th of July

Will, the class valedictorian...okay, not really but he's one of the High Distinction recipient   
A mixture of Kiwi + Malaysian + China classmates.
Maui(right), my cool Maori classmate wearing his traditional costume. #SWAG
One of my favourite photos from Aini's cam. My leg looks skinny here! OMG.
Didn't realise Sky bought his Polaroid along!

Happy 4th of July! Not that we're celebrating it here but exactly 4 years ago, on this day, was my Bachelor's Degree graduation from WSD! Dang, that was 4 years ago? Crazy how fast time goes right? Blogged about my graduation here and the photos that I'm posting in this post are sort of the 'never been seen before photos' that I've been keeping for a while. These photos are not mine, they're actually taken from my friends but I'm just gonna share it here for your viewing pleasure hahaha.

4 years ago, I had long hair and I did not put THAT much of weight. Now, 4 years later...I have short un-organized messy hair and I've gained tremendous amount of weight that my waistline is expanding each and everyday. WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN? Yes, I wanna know the answer too -____- I know I was always on the 'plus size' category but obesity scares the shit out of me so I'm hoping that I won't get there soon haha.

Anyway, despite having my graduation 4 years ago, the memories of it are still fresh in my mind (wtf this sounds so cliché). I remembered the night before graduation, I slept with my hair tied in a bun because I wanted to have curly hair the next day hahaha( so lame but it's a cheap way to make your hair curly without using the electric curler) and the next day on July 4th 2007, the weather decided to be extra nice to us. Eventhough it was winter time, it wasn't THAT cold and I only had to wear my hoodie instead of winter jacket to school. Aini, Raden and I bought identical pinafore dresses from Farmers and decided to officially wear it on our graduation day. I love the simplicity of the ceremony, with no fuss and hoo-hah going around. I loved how all of us walked together to the Opera House and all the passerby looking at us in awe hehehe and I loved looking at all the happy faces everywhere especially on my Malaysian classmates because despite not having our parents attending the ceremony, we still had a pretty good time.

Being able to graduate and also the chance to study abroad is something that I would always cherish and felt blessed about. I can say that I'm lucky to have the financial support from my mum and she was also the one who convinced me to go and experience the outside world. Not that I'm bragging or anything because I only come from an average income family so it takes a lot, and I mean A HELL LOT of hardwork for my parents(mum mostly) to get me this far and if anyone of you had the chance to do so(studying abroad), go and do it!

I wouldn't mind to go and study again for one more time...taking my Masters maybe? But, at times like this...I don't think I can be thinking just about myself anymore. I think somehow there is probably a reason for me to come home right after I graduate and work here. I don't know...perhaps God's telling me I should be around with my family and take care of 'em? Or maybe God sees that my life suits better here? Just recently, my colleagues and I were thinking about continuing our studies, not abroad but doing it online. Come to think of it, it's actually a good idea. My other 'senior' colleagues who took their Masters online told the rest of us to write a proposal for the big boss and see if the college could help out on the tuition fees. Well, I have yet to write that proposal out. Actually, I have no idea how to write one out hence the reason why this studying online plan is currently on hold pffft.

Okay, lunch time's over. Back to work zzz.


Santafire said...

ya bah, i can see how the memory is still fresh to you. Gambar masi nampak mcm kemarin ni!

Soo thinking of furthering studies. Tapi memang when think abt financial state, sgt serba salah ni. We'll see :)

nice post. sa suka.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

if you have the opportunity, go and further your studies k! it's those once in a lifetime experience thing and it's definitely gonna be something that you'll always cherish in your heart. yeah, if i have the chance again memang i wanna study abroad but now macam susah la pula, with all the financial state and all hehe. i guess online study is one of the best options i could think of so far :)