Friday, July 22, 2011


Happy Friday guys! Weekend's finally here again and this will be another weekend that I look forward to :) Tomorrow will be THE DAY where I'll be seeing one of my most favourite bands of all time INCUBUS performing live at Stadium Merdeka! should I say this? I am absolutely STOKED (yes, that's the word haha) to be able to see them again for the second time. It would be their (Incubus) 3rd time here in Malaysia, but I missed out their performance back in 2008 during Sunburst Festival. Knowing that they'll be coming down again this year to Malaysia, I definitely do not want to miss this opportunity again :) 

You know, if I don't have this thing called work, I would've switch on my stalker mode on and probably stalk the band in KL! I see few lucky people who managed to take photos with the band! And here I am trying to refrain myself from getting jealous about it. Oh well, just gotta count my blessing for being able to attend the concert tomorrow! That would already be awesome :) Apart from this, my work is piling up and I've still got tons of student assignments that I need to grade. Might have to bring back home some of it because if not, I might not have the time to finish everything. Just 3 more weeks before the semester ends. *gulps*

Managed to do another 'blue girl' painting last Sunday and I've actually have another one more do to before I stop and think of something else to paint. Personally, I definitely enjoyed this little watercolour practice. It's not great...yet, but I hope I'm getting there.

Gotta go and do some more here's a video of Incubus singing Friends and Lovers (from their brand new album, If Not Now, When?) Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics...LOVE it!

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