Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011


This is my second time attending Urbanscapes! The first Urbanscapes that I've attended was back in year 2008, in KLPac (read post here). I missed the last two because basically KLPac was pretty far from where I stay and travelling to Sentul with public transport on weekends might take me about an hour or more, so I missed out the last two Urbanscapes. I was so glad that this year, they decided to held the festival in PJ and it only took me about 15 minutes bus ride to reach Padang Astaka. So glad to finally got the chance to go to Urbanscapes again!

I was looking forward for it actually since I love going to arts+music festival like this a lot, even if I had to walk around under the hot sun hehe. Plus, I haven't been going out that much right? So going to Urbanscapes would be a nice time to spend my Saturday. Oh, I also had a mission in mind hahaha. You will see my accomplished mission below :) So, what did I think about Urbanscapes 2011? Well, it was good! I loved some of the stuffs that the vendors were selling at Marketplace, loads and loads of fancy rings!, handmade stuffs that I wished I can buy :(, lomo and polaroid cameras on sale, the performances (I didn't managed to watch that much), kakiseni's actors plus I've got to meet some familiar faces like my buddy, Ken! I actually kinda knew he was gonna be there since his girlfriend is one of the vendors in Marketplace. Got to talk to him for a while, just to catch up a lil bit on life. Gotta admit, I really miss him!

Met Chrystal, my ex-colleague and some ex-students that I also managed to hang out for a while. I think the only think that I didn't managed to check out were the food stalls because I wasn't feeling hungry at that time. But bought A LOT of water because it was just way too hot. Never mind the hot weather...at least it didn't rain because if it does, the entire field might probably be muddy. Like I've said, I didn't managed to catch that much performances on that day. There were 4 stages where you can go and see a band or singer of your choice performing. The biggest stage was the TM Everyone Connects Stage, where I got the chance to see this local band called Friday Kings Road perform. Loved their style of music...a little bit of Jazz, funk and rock. I also went over to Moonshine Stage, which is probably my favourite stage of all despite it being small and err...muddy hehe. Narmi, whom I recognize as the drummer of One Buck Short had a performance by the time I reached Moonshine Stage. Never would've thought he can sing! You know since he's a drummer and all but hey, Dave Grohl can sing too right? So, never judge a book by it's cover hehe. If I'm not mistaken, Narmi was doing an acoustic cover version of Tom Petty's free Falling song at that time. Totally loving the Jason Mraz-y vibe that he has.

I left the festival at about 6pm. Should've stayed a little bit longer so that I could catch Reza Salleh's performance and take more photos 8sigh* But it's okay, there's always next year. Anyway, I really did had a good time in Urbanscapes. Loved the atmosphere on that day itself. You can see people carrying their big ass DSLR cameras around, some people had their lomo cameras too (like me haha), some dressed up like a hippie and then some dressed up in their most casual t-shirt and shorts way. Hope that I'll be able to go to Urbanscapes again next year. I *will* try to stay longer and watch more of the performances and not forgetting do thrifting! Kudos to the organisers!

Enjoy the photos. I'll be posting some more photos taken by my Supaheadz Ultra Wide Lens camera hopefully tomorrow!

Girls rockin' out on Guitar Hero.
Polaroids! Price are so affordable but sadly, I didn't buy it since I'm pretty broke :(
Lomo cams from The Click Shop
Handmade notebooks.
Pestle & Mortar. Awesome clothes.
Absolutely LOVED those rings and I bought two from here :)
Some vintage goods.
I love the fabrics as well! But I wouldn't know what to do with 'em if I bought 'em.
After about 6 months...I finally met Ken! Dude's been busy working and being an actor haha.
But happy to see him again!
Check out miraclewatts.blogspot.com (his gf's online shop)
Bought this from his gf's stall. Ribena+vodka popsicles on a sunny day. GOOD!
TiC Turf

TM ECUrbanscapes stage. The biggest stage in Urbanscapes.
Dude was raising his glass after he saw me taking a photo hahaha.

The guy wearing green plaid shirt is Narmi!
I_KL box seats. So convenient to bring around.
With Chrystal!
The boys from Elecoldxhot (ECX), winners of  Showdown 2011.
Been rooting for them to win the competition during the show :)
At Moonshine stage.
I am definitely an instant fan of Narmi (left). Love his voice a lot!
Reza Salleh!
Sona One, my cousin Audrey's current favourite rapper haha.

Check out Johnny McGeorge portfolio. His works are pretty cool.
Air balloon!
This was my mission! To take a photo with Henry Golding hahaha. YES, I know I'm TOO OLD to be a fangirl
but believe me, I am definitely not those fangirls who scream or squeal when they spot Mr. Golding.
I took this photo, said some nice things to him about his show and then left. That is all hahaha.
But dang, he's smokin' hot!


Santafire said...

pendants so awesome! hard to find around here kk la.

can i pesan if u run into things like these next time, pretty please OwO

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yaaa sure! i'll be going for another bazaar end of this month. will look for it. any specific design ka?

Rezal Ishak said...

I saw my picture here :)

Vivien Dumpangol said...

ohhh really? which one is you?