Thursday, August 18, 2011


Tomorrow, we officially bid adieu to our one and only 'white' colleague, Gab or commonly known as 'Gwailo' or 'Ah Gwai' in the department. When he first came in, I was quite skeptical and wondered whether if he could blend in with us since we're all, well Asian and speaking Mandarin or Cantonese in the office is a norm for us. But after 2 years having him as one of our colleagues, we're practically got so used to his crazy antics in the office.

Wishing you all the best in your brand new job! Come visit us whenever you miss us hahaha :) We had a little farewell dinner on Tuesday night right after work. Not all my colleagues could make it for the dinner hence it is called 'little farewell' but we'll have another official one tomorrow together with the big boss. (I am secretly jumping for joy because it means, free food! Muahahaha...don't mind me for being a cheapskate now. I seriously am broke!) Anyway, the little farewell dinner was held in Chili's in Empire Subang. Food was delicious but I didn't managed to snap any photos because I was too hungry that I immediately ate my food when it was served. When you're eating good food in a nice franchise restaurant, it means the price is pretty pricey too. *yikes* But then, it's not that I can eat in Chili's everyday right? So once in a while should be okay, especially during special occasions :)

Guessed everyone had a good time during dinner and we stayed on for a while for some post-dinner chat which include topics like joining the army, USA and crocodiles? If I wasn't mistaken. The next day was a public holiday for Selangor and I was planning to stay at home all day and only go out for a run in the evening but due to my own carelessness, I realised that I left my iPod in Chili's! Rummaged my bag over and over again and found out that it was missing...I was totally in panic mode but quickly thought through and made a call to Chili's and it was a major relieve when the staff told me they still have my iPod with them! So I had to head over to Empire *again* to get back my iPod in the afternoon. To be honest, there's nothing much to do in Empire, well unless you have the $$$, you can definitely go and shop there or eat since they have a lot of *pricey* restaurants around. But since I was already there, I decided to  have a nice cup of coffee at The Loaf and laze around inside the bakery shop. Coffee time for me, is always a favourite time but the aftermath of it is not fun at all! Was still wide awake at 3am and when I was finally on the edge of dozing off, I saw a cockroach crawling on my leg! WTF right?

It is almost the weekend but I have to work this Saturday since the college is having this anual drawing competition thing and everyone needs to be involved -___- I wish myself good luck in trying to wake up as early as 6am on Saturday.

P/S: I hate attending meetings! Always makes me wanna zzz.

1 & 2.  Nice tea packagings from Marks & Spencer  3. Gab & LW having some bro talk
4. Gab showing off his new tie

4. Empire shopping mall entrance  5. White Coffee from The Loaf  6. Nice silver Hummer!

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