Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I finally watched this movie last night and it's another one of those chick flick movies that I liked. I've always liked Kate Hudson acting in a romantic comedy like How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and Bride Wars. Ginnifer Goodwin's acting was good too but I wonder why does she always play this kind of role...the pretty girl who can't seem to get the guy that she wants. Her role in this movie was quite similar to her role in She's Just Not That Into You.

But, I do feel like I could sort of relate her character to myself. I mean, if I were to like someone...like really really like someone, I wouldn't have the guts to tell that person EVER.  Won't even think of trying because in my mind, I always knew the answer would be 'no'. And if that person ended up with another girl, I would be like, "As long as he's happy, then I'm happy for him" Although deep down, it hurts like crazy haha. 

Sometimes I wonder why I can be so afraid of trying. I mean when you try something, the result would either be a success or failure. Not a big deal right? I guess, most of the time we're too afraid to face rejections. But isn't experiencing rejections somehow makes us stronger? I think if I really had the guts, I would, without a doubt tell that someone how I feel (if it ever happen lah). But trying to find the guts, well...that's gonna be a little tough for me. But 50 Cent once said, "Get Rich or Die Tryin". Maybe it is time to try harder.

Anyway, I do like this movie a lot. A little cliché but then that's what you usually get when you watch a chick flick right? It's all about taking chances in love and also trying to make friendship work at the same time. Go watch it if you like these type of movies :) That guy, Colin Egglesfield is hot too!

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