Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Live The Language and Snow in NZ

I am so glad that it is finally the semester break! Well, not that I have a holiday anyway but it's just nice to be away from the students for a while and not to have them annoy me by knocking on the yellow door hehe (I'm sitting near the door btw). During this break, I will still have work to do of course, nothing new on that heh. I was assigned to do some course restructuring and have to prepare the entire course outlines before the new semester commence which is about 3 weeks time. I really need to start working on this but being the usual procrastinator, I sort of wanted to take a little break for myself...hence the reason why I've been watching quite a lot of random videos on the net. A lot of them are educational! Trust me, it's actually for "research" purposes hehe.

Okay, I did watch some music videos too like this new one from Jay-Z and Kanye West. But I'm not gonna post that here. I am sharing these awesome videos that I actually have watched quite sometime ago. The videos were made for EF International Language Centers and it is to promote different languages that you can learn at the center. There are four series of the videos and each video were shot in a different city (London, Beijing, Barcelona and Paris). All I can say is, all the videos are beautiful and most importantly, the type treatment that was used in each of these videos reflects all the different parts/objects around each city. Love it! I think my favourite would be the Paris video. But I like all of it equally :)

Tomorrow is a public holiday! Not sure what I'll be doing since I want to refrain myself from since I am *still* in financial crisis mode. I do have to start another painting for a friend, so I'll probably will spend my day doing that tomorrow and maybe watch some DVDs and go for a run in the evening. Look forward for a lil get together with my colleagues tonight. Hope it'll be fun :)

On the other note, on Monday morning I read the news about the snow in NZ! Wished I was there to experience it! The 3rd video was shot in Wellington, Cuba Mall. Everybody seemed to be thrilled about the snow. Soooo nice lah!

Take a look at the London and Barcelona video too. Click here and here.

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