Monday, August 01, 2011

Miss Blair

Leighton Meester a.k.a Blair Waldorf
Watercolour on watercolour paper (7.5' x 10.5')

About two weeks ago, I had lunch with a bunch of my students from Visual Communication class. I hardly go out and have a meal with my students because sometimes I feel kinda awkward plus I might not know what to talk about while hanging out with them. But then, once in a while it's actually nice to hang out with my students outside class because basically I can just be myself and treat them just like my friends. Anyway, while having a nice normal conversation with one of my students, he was asking me if I would stay and be in the education line forever or do other stuffs in the future.

You know, it's kinda hard for me to give him (my student) a straight-to-the-point answer because I don't even know how long would I stay being in this line. Not that I don't enjoy it either. I think I've probably said this before right? I actually liked being in the education line but in tertiary level, can be quite tough. True story! Thinking about the future can be a pain at times because  you just can't predict how it's gonna look like, unless you're God of course. A lot of people said that, 'Go and reach for your dreams/goals!' If only I really have the guts to do so...sigh. I told my student that I might not go and work in the industry anymore since I am losing the interest in doing so, although I might change my mind on it haha. But really, working crazy long hours is not exactly how I view my lifestyle now. I want to have time for myself, for my family, friends, time to do more artsy fartsy stuff or maybe volunteer in church.

So yeah, the 'I wanna be an awesome graphic designer and work in an established publication company' dream is probably not the main priority anymore. I think what I love to do now is to draw, paint, attempt to illustrate children's book, open an online store and probably soon...teach little kids art and crafts. I would probably be really happy if I can do all these. But of course, at my current situation now...I need the moolah to survive's okay, I will definitely work on it.

Have you thought about your future yet?

Painted the beautiful Leighton Meester a.k.a Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl last night. I actually spent my weekend all by myself. How sad is my life now huh? Kinda screwed it a bit but I really did my best to make it better :) I even told my students that I really have a low self-confidence in everything I do *tsk tsk* I know I shouldn't be THAT honest with them hehe. Then my students were like "What? But you're a lecturer! How can you have low self-confidence?" I don't know man. I just find it so hard to overcome this. Maybe because I was called names and bullied know, during my 'FAT' era.

Anyho, Blair is my favourite character in Gossip Girl. She's pretty, smart and whenever she wants something, she works her way to get it...but sometimes, she can just be a total b**ch. Ohhh...have you guys watched the movie Country Strong? Leighton's in it and she sings too. Have a blessed week everyone and may this brand new month brings more awesomeness to you!


Anonymous said...

lovely :)

p/s: i have always loved blair (and chuck).

Vivien Dumpangol said...

thank you!

yeah, blair+chuck = love 'em!

Santafire said...

aiya, mengapa menjeles kan sia??

bah, sa mau commission ko ni, brapa u charge? XD