Friday, August 12, 2011

Mix mix

Today's word of the day is swamp. As in I am literally swamped with work. Been seeing numbers for the past 3 days or so...and I still have to continue looking at numbers for a few more days until I finally submit all the scorelist to the online portal -___- Like I've said, I am racing against time to finish all the gradings ASAP so that during the term break, I can focus on other stuff and *hopefully* will have more time to paint, draw, read, etc.

Anyway, I have finally sent my mix CDs out! Hopefully my partners will receive it soon and also hopefully the package will arrive in good hands. Here are the two mix CD swap that I created to my partners :) First one was a Rock Hip Hop mix (yes, it's a really LAME title, I know. I didn't really had an idea what to do at first. Some of tracks include music from Weezer, Matchbox 20, Tupac, Kanye West and Incubus. This mix CD will go to The Netherlands!

The second mix CD was done in collage style and I decided to go for a much simple theme. Again, a little cliché to put a title such as 'Summer Time Mix' but I'm running out of ideas hence the reason why putting that title is the best option that I could think of heh. Tracks include music from Bob Marley (yahhh MAN! haha), Rachel Yamagata, Phantom Planet and Iron & Wine. It'll travel to the land down under, Australia (Tasmania to be specific).

The 3rd photo is how my 'workspace' in my room looks like now. Did a mini clean up last month when Simone stayed over at my place. I don't really use this workspace that often since I normally sit on the floor and work on the mini coffee table. Come to think of it, it's not really THAT organized huh? But I work well with messy surroundings. No idea why, but that's how I get my work done :)

Aight, I gotta go and do more work! Sorry if this post turns out to be boring hehehe. Nothing much going on with me these days :( Enjoy the weekend. Peace and love.


Corina said...

Hi there,
I hope you're doing very well!
No news about the Argentinian Mix CD yet?
I'm crossing my fingers ;)

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hey corina! i'm good thanks :) how are you?
i haven't receive the mix cd yet :( i'm worried it might got lost somewhere but i'm crossing my fingers too and hope it'll arrive soon!