Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Racing against time

So, it was Friendship Day yesterday! Everytime I thought about Friendship Day, it'll bring me back to year 2000-2001, when I was a Leo Club member in high school and we had this 'Chocolate Delivery' thing that we usually do in conjunction with Friendship Day. It was REALLY fun especially when your job is to write down messages hehe...those were the good times man. Anyway, wishing my friends a Happy Belated Friendship Day...I know I don't really have that much of friends (cos I'm a loser like that pffft) but those who are in my circle of best friends, they're what I call the 'special ones' and I truly appreciate their friendship over the years :)

I went for a run with my colleagues in Taman Tun yesterday and I actually had a good time! It was nice to run in a different environment for there are more eye candies to look at too hahaha! But I didn't managed to do much running because I sprained my left foot last week and it hurts like crazy when I run so I had no choice but to just brisk walk. I've sprained my foot for so many times over the years and didn't really do anything about it. Kinda worried that there might be some internal injury that I might not know of. Well, we (colleagues and I) might do this as a weekly'll be good to have some peers to do exercise with you...I think you'll be more motivated by it.

Went to Ikea for dinner after that...still lovin' those Swedish Meatballs! Reached home at about 10pm, continued my work and right after I was done with my work, I totally collapsed on my bed and slept till the next morning without brushing my teeth *tsk tsk* Well, I was REALLY tired but it was a good kind of tired right? Hahaha. I am currently racing against time to finish some of my tasks before the semester ends. So if I don't update anything here in the next few weeks, I'm probably still busy with work :/

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Santafire said...

lol i can never keep track of friendship day.