Monday, August 15, 2011

Second time Incubus

I know it's lil late to blog about this but I am finally gonna blog about this today! Better late than never right? When I thought about the band Incubus, somehow it always reminds me of my high school time circa 1999-2000, the time when I discovered about the band. I was a newbie as I only discovered Incubus when their 3rd studio album, Make Yourself was released. That was when they were a little bit more mainstream. I loved their song 'Drive' but soon, found so many other awesome songs from the album like 'Pardon Me', 'Stellar', 'Privilege' and of course 'I Miss You', I started to like the band more and more. It is also a plus when the lead vocalist, Brandon Boyd is so good looking :) I was pretty much in love with him back then...yeah, blame it on my teenage hormones hahaha. But over the years, his looks are not so important anymore but his genius music mind and also his artistic mind is what made me respect him more.

I genuinely like this band for their music and the fact that you'll get surprises whenever they released a new album. The songs are beautifully written that sometimes I had a hard time figuring out what exactly a particular song is trying to say. I LOVE their latest album If Not Now, When a lot. Yes, I've been listening to it on a regular basis now hehe. Although some of their older fans would prefer them in their Fungus Amungus or SCIENCE era because Incubus back then were pretty hard-rockish, but I don't think there is any harm to experiment new things in music right? Yes, the new album is a little mellow-ish (I don't mind at all) but in my opinion, it kinda represent that Incubus has gone through a phase. They've grown mature, so as their music.  I also do think that their new album suits me more now since I hardly listen to hard rock music these days...well, only sometimes. I am getting old pffft.

Watch this video below when Brandon got interviewed and talked about changes in their music. Quite a good interview, I must say. So to cut the long story short, I managed to see Incubus perform live for the second time! First time was in March 2004, I was still a college student back then and looking back on what I've blogged about their concert in my archive, I totally felt like slapping myself! Hahaha. This time around I went to see Incubus with my bestie Simone, who's also another Incu-fan like me :) So glad that she can make it because without her, I'll probably have to go to the concert alone! Anyway, the concert was awesome!!! Everyone went berserk, moshing here and there when the band performed their first song, 'Megalomaniac'. It was so crazy and I felt like I was drowning and in need of air. So I decided to move from where I stood, (I stood quite near to the stage actually) and went to the back to look for Simone and just stood there enjoying the concert with better air ventilation hehe.  The choice of songs that they performed were pretty good as well, like Pardon Me, Wish You Were Here, Circles, Pistola (one of my fav!) and 3 songs from their brand new album, Promises Promises, Adolescents and Wolves. Plus only one song from their SCIENCE album, what else but Glass :)

But I do wish they'll perform some of my other favourites like Echo, A Certain Shade Of Green, Are You In, Warning, Friends & Lovers, The Original and I Miss You. I was hoping they'll perform I Miss You! But they performed that song in Manila instead. Apparently they skipped Love Hurts was on their setlist but I had no idea why they skipped it. Their final song was Nice To Know You, which I think was quite a good number to end their concert. Overall, I did had a good time. The band was great! All of 'em were awesome doing their thing on stage. Wished I could see more of Jose playing the drums but his view wasn't that great from where I stood -___- Did managed to make new friends as well. While waiting for the gates to open, we hung out with a nice Thai girl who flew to KL just to see Incubus. Hope we'll get to see her again one of these days :)

Oh, local band Rosevelt was not so bad either. One of the band members is cute! Hehe~ Thank you Incubus for coming to KL for the 3rd time. 4th time soon?


simone said...

nice pictures

Vivien Dumpangol said...

if ada dslr lagi better. clear tu brandon boyd punya muka hehe. tia least dpt juga tingu :)