Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend wrap up #2

1. Quote that I saw at La Bodega restaurant, Empire 2. My 2nd mix CD swap has arrived, all the
way from Bueno Aires, Argentina! 3. Birds & Skies/Doodle swap postcard and an owl postcard
that I've received from the States 4. A white dude having chill out Sunday by the pool.

Weekend wrap up in point form (cause I'm lazy like that haha)

* I was assigned to become an 'usher' on Saturday and had to reach the college as early as 7am. It wasn't easy to drag myself up this early but I've no choice at all :/ Being an 'usher' wasn't THAT fun either, I had to stand at my designated area just waiting for high school students and parents to pass by. Luckily I downloaded an e-book app in my least there's something I could do besides standing.

* Had drinks with my college buddies during the night and a lot of our conversations revolved on being in the 'workforce' and dissatisfaction with them employers. Yes, I do agree that being in the workforce, it's not all happy and fun. The stress level that you get is way different from the stress that you have when you're still a student. So my advice is to savour and enjoy your time when you're still a student. You won't regret it.

* Sunday was the usual, weather was always crazy hot. Was a little late when I arrived for Sunday mass at SFX but still blessed to be able to be in the house of Lord. In the evening, I had buka puasa dinner with my cousin Mierah (miss that girl a lot since I haven't seen her in a while). Had a pretty hard time finding a place to eat in Pyramid since we didn't do any reservation and most of the restaurants were full but in the end, we did managed to find a place in Sushi King.

* Went to watch Zoo Keeper after that. Movie was okay, but it wasn't THAT great. But still, I had a nice time with my cousin and getting some family love is always good for me :)

So, another brand new week...and it's only 2 more weeks before the new semester starts! Gotta be a little productive this week since Raya holiday is coming soon. Don't wanna bring any work home to do during the holidays right? Was thinking what should I do during the holidays...maybe I'll make a trip down to KL, just for the heck of it.

Anyway, I've got an exciting news! I will be travelling out of the country again in October! This time, it'll be with my fellow colleagues cos it's gonna be a company trip :) I'll give you a hint where I'm going: Forbidden City! Really excited but can't be TOO excited cos you know, I might jinx it. Got to save money now lah :O Okay, have a nice week! ANTM is on now. Bye!

P/S: My second mix CD from Argentina has finally arrived! Thanks so much Corina. I'll send you something soon! XXX

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Corina said...

It makes me really happy you finally got it and like it! Cool!
You're welcome! Have a nice day, Vivien!
Greetings from Argentina :)