Friday, September 23, 2011



I think one of the things that everyone should learn is to forgive. But I don't think it'll ever be easy especially when you've experience great hurt and pain from the past hence forgiving someone probably won't occur in the back of our mind. I, too has experienced hurt and it goes way back when I was still in primary school and the experience continued till I left high school, went to college and grad school. Even right until now, the hurt is still there and it comes from time to time.

I guess experiencing hurt by someone you love or close to you like say, your own family member is totally different from the much more 'normal' hurt that we all usually experience. I can say that it is more painful, you build up your anger and you tend to fall into a really big depression. Trust me, I have been there and done that. A lot of time I would just put all these feelings inside and because of that I find it real hard to even want to forgive. I was telling myself, "What's the point of forgiving if I will eventually get hurt again?"

But that was my thinking back then. I don't know how it happened but I think over the past year, I have slowly been trying to learn to forgive. It's like I had this sudden epiphany and I sort of re-analysed every single thing on people who've hurt me before. When I was in Church Camp last weekend, I was again reminded on how forgiving someone is important. I do agree that when you are able to forgive someone especially those who have hurt you the most, you will be able to create better future and I also believe that God will definitely shower more blessings to you. Not to say I'm a preacher or anything, it's just fully my personal opinion.

The question is whether we are ready to learn to forgive or not. To be honest, even if I am slowly learning to forgive, I still find it hard at times and it is NEVER easy. Even for now, after all the years, it probably might take me one step at a time to finally say, "Yes, I forgive you." But I do know that eventually, I will be able to fully forgive...probably not today but definitely soon.

❝ Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future ❞ 
Paul Boose

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