Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone

These are by far the most beautiful stamps I've ever received! That round one especially.
Plus it was not even postmarked! 

When you're feeling a little bit blue, draw something that you really like and it'll put a smile on your face! Hahaha...actually I was drawing this for a swap I'm participating in

My room is back to be in a huge mess and I am way to lazy to do another session of spring cleaning but I really need to do so before all the roaches decided to stay together with me in my room pffft. Anyway, I'm excited today to meet my ex-flatmates slash my besties from NZ today! I hope our meet up sesh is still on...and Simone's here so gonna meet up with her too for a while before she heads over to Stadium Merdeka for the Korean Wave concert thing. So it's gonna be a nice Saturday indeed *crosses fingers* Though I might still have to do some preparations for my classes next week but it's okay lah.

Happy weekend people! Please don't mind the title...I'm running out of idea and because I've watched the brand new episode of Glee two days ago, that Tom Jones song that was sang  by the oh-so-lovely Blaine has been on my mind after that :)

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