Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Little town of Tawau

So I was meaning to post photos from my trip to Tawau...which was a year ago! I know, it's a little late but you know how it goes right? Better late than never. My motto in life hahahaha. It has been years since I visited Tawau...the last time I was there, it was like almost four years ago when I attended a cousin's wedding. When my great grandmother and grandmother was still alive, I would without a doubt always go back to Tawau to celebrate Chinese New Year with my mum's side of family. A a part of my childhood that I will always remember was to spent Chinese New Year in that small little town, Tawau.

Indeed, when I re-visited the little town again a year ago, there were still a lot of familiar things that I could remember especially when I was in my late uncle's home and then there were also new things to discover. One of the thing that also fascinated me most while I was there was how awesome and blue the sky was! So lovely :) We also managed to celebrate my late uncle's birthday and had quite a big feast together with the relatives. I also did managed to visit one of my cousin's karaoke joint somewhere in Fajar if I am not mistaken. My cousin was kind enough to offer me drinks * alcoholic* ones on the house...but my mum gave me this evil eye look so I had to turn down the offer. Well, not that I am good in drinking anyway!

Tawau people seems to live a very simple life. I think they're more laid back that people in KK. If you know how to make good money and good business in Tawau (provided you also work hard as well), I think it's easy to have the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Hope to go back there again one of these days! It was a good trip eventhough it was a really short one.

This little cafe has THE BEST 'Chakui Kahwin'! Should've taken a photo of it...dang.
Followed my mum and uncle to Pasar Tanjung. Got to love those ikan masin :)
See what I meant about the blue sky?
This are just a quarter of my relatives there...there are still more of 'em.
Mum's siblings and the in laws.
Sean Kingston has a hotel there too haha.


Ivan Ho said...

1st foto is very close my house. beautiful fotos

Vivien Dumpangol said...

ohhhh...i went there to eat breakfast at that time. not so far from my uncle's house too, i think haha.