Monday, September 12, 2011

Of pasta & garlic bread

Good meal comes with good coffee!

Last Friday, we (my colleagues and I) had a superb lunch all thanks to IC, my colleague who not only can teach but can cook and bake amazing mouth-watering foods! Yes, I'm not kidding. We had garlic bread which was super yums! Anything garlic-y is always good for me. We also had pasta filled with tuna chunks, onions, celeries, mushrooms and carrots. Oh yes, parmesan cheese too! Very sinful indulgence I must say...which explains why it is hard for me to shed some pounds even if I've started runnning (on and off) again. Yikes. 

One of these days, I really should master the art of cooking  and even baking as well. I for one, can only cook for myself but I don't think I am capable to cook for people hence the reason why I probably am not a wifey material haha. But I do cook from time to time, I have photos to prove but I'll probably blog about this in the future. Anyway, thank you IC for a really good meal! All of us loved it! I gotta say home cooked meals are always the best, of course provided you are an excellent cook :) A good cup of coffee after a good meal is also something I love! #WIN

Second week of the new semester, I hope everything's gonna go well this week. Oh, I'll be away during Malaysia Day as I am going for another church camp and this time it's gonna be held in Port Dickson, I am looking forward to it but then, I might have the feeling I'll end up being awkward and all heh. We'll just see how it goes.

Anyway, KK peeps! There's an exhibition that you might be interesting in going to. It's called This Is Sabah, featuring some of the talented Sabahan image makers. Two of my friends, Flanegan and April are in this exhibition too. Flan is my blogger friend whom I've known for a few years and is an independent photographer who takes awesome photos.April or Young (that's what I call her) was my ex-colleague and one of the nicest and down to earth person that I've ever met! If you have time, do go and give some support!
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Have a good day people. Hope it's not a blue one too :P

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