Friday, September 30, 2011

RYM Camp #2//It Will Rain

Chilling out after dinner.
Veronica and new found friend and team mate, Rachel
Obligatory group photo.
Well, if you don't already know...I've been busy at work. Yes, nothing new about this pffft and I'll probably still gonna be busy till the end of the semester! So many things to do with so little time *le sigh*Anyway as you all know, I attended my second Church camp about two weeks ago, organised by the same group of youths, RYM from St. Iganitus Church. This time around it was held in this retreat centre called Lutheran Centre in Port Dickson. (Read last year's Church Camp post here)

I don't think I'm really that kind of person who would usually go for this kind of camp...I mean when I decided to come here to work, my priority towards God was very basic. On Sundays, I will go and attend mass, receive the Holy Communion and at least spend my time, just once a week to be devoted to Him. That is all. I also don't think that I am the "I-am-holier-than-you" type hence the reason why, I kept my priority very very basic. So when I was invited to go to a Church camp last year, I was a little reluctant but I decided to go anyway, not by force fyi. Turns out, it was actually a really good experience for me, personally. Somehow by attending Church camps, it sort of gave me little reminders from time to time to always have faith in God...well, that is if you do believe in Him.

Anyway, despite having to attend the camp all by myself this time around, I am still very grateful for the things that I've learned and reminded during all the camp activities plus, I DID made new friends too! Haha...yes, I was a little paranoid thinking that I wouldn't have any friends there cos most of the participants were sooooo young! They're like all college students man. But nevertheless, it was a good camp. I think this year's camp is more on how you deal and experience God by yourself. There was this healing session right after the sunset mass on Saturday evening, for me it was quite an eye opening experience and I am actually glad that the organisers decided to have that session for the camp. I believe all of us needed that without even realising it.

So, I wouldn't mind going for the next camp again. Hopefully I will have friends to go with lah :) There's gonna be a camp reunion this coming Sunday and I'm not sure if I can make it due to the fact that it's gonna be held in the evening and I might not have a transport to go home :( But I'll see what I can do and...I need to cook a dish too if I agree to go! cooking skill is like...let's just say not so great haha.

I have been going on a download frenzy these days since it's fall in the States and a lot of my favourite shows are starting with a new season. There are like more than 10 shows for me to watch every single week! Basically, my life these days revolve around watching tons of TV shows pffft. #WhatALoser! But I've been enjoying it so far haha. Oh, have a listen to this new track from Bruno Mars called It Will Rain which will be featured in Breaking Dawn's movie soundtrack! Thanks Simone for sharing :) I absolutely love it! As always, superb vocals by Mr. Mars. Hope there's gonna be a video for this and I do look forward to watch the movie too hahaha. Haven't even start reading the last book yet!

How has the week treating you so far? Tomorrow is gonna be another brand new month! Crazzzy how time flies but it also means I am just a few weeks away from my trip out from the country! I'll give you another clue where I'll be going: Peking Duck! obvious man.

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