Monday, September 19, 2011

Up up here we go

This morning, I almost couldn't wake up for work because the moment my alarm rang at 8am, I hit the off button instead of snooze. Fell back to sleep right after and woke up 45 minutes later pffft. I blame the morning cloudy weather too. Anyway, I am back! Church camp was good. I had fun and enjoyed most of the activities. I was actually feeling 'peaceful' when I reached home yesterday but then after receiving a call from my mum at night, I wasn't feeling that 'zen' anymore :( Oh well...

Posting some instagram photos first. I didn't managed to take that much photos actually. I thought we could go to the beach but we weren't allowed to...which I don't mind at all cos Port Dickson beach is err...not that great hehe. Was there last year and the beach did not impressed me a bit. No offense, but I come from Sabah so you do understand right? Haha.

Church camp banner. This year's theme was 'First Love'
Cleaning up after our games session. 
Morning view. 
Nice form of clouds.

It rained during our journey from PD back to PJ. But as soon as the rain has cleared up, the sky and the clouds looked amazing. In my opinion, it's quite rare to see nice form of clouds here in PJ and it has been hazy the past few days. But yesterday evening while I was walking back home, I looked up to the sky and was pretty impressed by it :) Are you those kind of people who likes to observe the sky?

I'll update more soon! Mondays till Wednesdays are quite crucial this semester. I felt like I always need to race against time to prepare stuff for class. Hope you had a good long weekend! I look forward to watch the first episode of Vampire Diaries Season 3 tonight :)

P/S: Another great win for Man Utd last night! Which means they've won 5 matches in a row at EPL. Rooney's goal was nice last night and oh, heads up to Torres for finally scoring another goal for his team haha!


v said...

The photos are ones in the mags and books.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

thanks! still very amateur-ish in photography heee~