Sunday, September 04, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up #3 & Some Other Things

Pretty notebooks! LOVE and WANT it all :)
Got a lil surprise all the way from NZ. Thank you Sky & Ming! 
Last Saturday, having a drink in Bubba Gump to kill time (photos taken by Ivan)
Didn't managed to watch Man Utd vs Arsenal match on TV,
hence I had to refer to the livescore online. 
Bread & Butter Pudding made by my collague and Chocolate Muffin with Milkshake that I had
as my first meal of the day in Kinokuniya.
Want these two books!
Rubber stamp and Washi tapes! I'm in heaven.

I've been neglecting this blog for a few days but that's because I was really busy! I really am. There seems to be an neverending task to do before the new semester starts which is err...tomorrow! Dang, and I still am not fully prepared for my classes yet. Got to do more work tonight. Anyway, despite being busy and all, I did took the 'liberty' of taking a lil break during the Raya & Merdeka holidays. How was your holidays by the way? Mine was just okay...well, it's quite sad actually because I had to celebrate Raya & Merdeka all by myself. I had planned to go back to KK for Raya months before but due to financial issue, I didn't managed to go back's sad! But I'm trying not to make it as a big deal since I am going back home in December anyway. But the fact that I went and bought Rendang and ate it for dinner during the first day of Raya alone was just wayyyy pathetic! And last night, when Ivan (who had an awesome holiday with his bros btw) asked me how had my holidays been, I just felt like crying. Well, moving on...

I went to watch Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes finally on the first day of Raya! It was a good show and quite pitiful too. But I thought the cinematography was pretty awesome, especially the scene when all the apes escaped and was all over the city. As always, James Franco = ♥♥♥! Then, second day of Raya, I decided to head down to KLCC since I wanted to get some more Washi tapes and also to check out books in Kinokuniya but turns out, it was a BIG mistake to be in KLCC at that time because the shopping mall was SO CROWDED WITH people, especially foreign workers who had their day off from work. It was seriously insane! Because of this, I was quite pissed because even trying to find a place to eat there was just impossible. Well, if only I had the money I could probably eat in one of those high end restaurants but unfortunately, I can't afford it so I ended up having my first meal of the day at the little cafe in Kinokuniya.

Once I reached home, I was greeted with a massive migraine, even swallowing two painkillers can't even help so the only solution was to sleep. When I woke up at around 3am, I was relieved that the migraine was gone...then I tried to sleep again but I couldn't so I decided to read and continued reading till the break of dawn haha! Yes, one of the things I did to kill time during the holidays was to read...and it never felt so good to be 'immersed' in a book once again :DDD My last day of the public Raya & Merdeka holidays was spent doing a little bit of work, which of course I didn't want to but I just had to do it or else I won't have the time to finish all my pending tasks.

Guess that pretty much sums up my holidays...I am sure you guys had a better holiday than me...which is good! Don't wanna end up being a loner like me right? *tsk tsk* The weekend's been treating me good so far. Merl came over to Sunway yesterday noon and had a good time catching up with each other. Hung out with Ivan at night and shared bits and pieces of stories about his Pangkor Island mini vacay with his bros and also the wedding that he attended on Friday night in Ipoh. Thank goodness there wasn't any raid going on last night because last weekend, I was literally in panic mode when I witnessed a raid at 4am! But that's gonna be another story for another day then. Oh, if you follow the English Premiere League, last weekend Manchester United freaking trashed Arsenal with a home win! 8-2 to be exact. How crazy was that? Arsene Wenger should learn a lesson or two from Mr. Ferguson himself! I also think that David De Gea is slowly getting used to English football now.

Anyway, since tomorrow is another brand new semester in college, I hope everything will just go well...with the classes, students and basically everything! I'm always very nervous during the first week of the new semester so please wish me luck! I also need to catch up with my paintings...I know I do owe some people at the moment but please be patient with me. One step at a time okay :) Aight, time to go now and get ready for sunset mass. Damn this cramps, it hurtsssssss! Have a good week ahead.

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