Monday, October 17, 2011

Big badass booksale

About two weeks ago, I managed to go and pay a visit to The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, which I also dubbed as the Big Badass Book Sale! Over the years, I've been to several book sales here in KL and back home as well but it wasn't that great, well I guess The Times Warehouse Book Sale that I've been to in year 2004 was quite good. But, The Big Bad Wolf on the other hand...I'm just gonna say that it was one of the best book sale that I've been to, EVER!

The novels were so cheap! RM8 for one? That's freaking cheap right! I mean it's not always you can get books as cheap as RM8. When I was there, I thought I would probably gonna buy at least 2 books...that's all. But I came home with 15 books in total (in which 4 books will be given out) and it was still within my budget :) Also I wanna give my heads up to the organisers because the venue that they chose was perfect (although it's about 40 minutes journey from Subang), they also did a good job at managing the crowd. It was good! I actually wanted to go there again for the second time but I forced myself not to seeing that I've kinda overspent *again* this month not only with books but also with vintage postcards and stamps, which I will blog about it soon!

Yes, I do admit I bought mostly chick-lit books and none of those intellectual autobiography, memoirs, educational books during the book sale. But I absolutely love chick-lit as much as I love chick flicks even if it can be so cheesy or cliché. I am still fine with that. Now, the only question is when will I finish reading all my books? I really should have a reading marathon again like how I did during the long Raya  holidays. So need to finish reading Breaking Dawn ASAP!

 Anyway, I finally managed to watch an EPL match last Saturday after a day out with Merl. Since the Man Utd vs Liverpool match started early, I decided to hang at the usual stall and watched the entire match and indeed it was a pretty good match! It was also my first time to fully see David De Gea in full action. I must say, I am VERY impressed! He saved quite a lot of attempted goals from that Suarez dude to the point that Suarez's face turned sour hahaha. But unfortunately he wasn't able to save that free kick by Gerrard!

When Steven Gerrard scored the first goal from the free kick, EVERY Liverpool supporters at the stall was cheering like crazy but Chicharito came to save the day by scoring an equalizer goal towards the end of the match. So yeah, no way Man Utd will let Liverpool win in Anfield right! Haha. 

Well, hope your weekend was good! On the other note, 6 more days before I fly off to Beijing!

Bought this for my cousin Anne because I know she's a fan of Jackie Collins.
All my books in a box :D
All my purchases. The Jackie Collins and Sophie Kinsella books are for Anne, and there's another
book (not seen in the photo) that will be given out for another friend.
These Penguin Great Loves series are only RM5 each. I LOVE the cover designs a lot!

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