Monday, October 03, 2011

Instant monday

1. Random Halloween sketches  2. Owl for Sketchbook Project 2012
3.  Something that I wanted to say to someone HEHE~  4. Chrysanthemum tea!
5. Sunset along Federal Highway 6. Nice clouds
7. Colourful envies in Topshop  7. White branches @ Delicious
Giant pink bra for Breast Cancer Day.

Few random instagram photos taken here and there. Apparently, I haven't been using my point and shoot camera in a while. Instagram is a really nice app because it's just so...instant! So how was your weekend? Mine was just fine, didn't do much actually. Spent the rest of Saturday night at home and watched X-Factor USA which turns out to be better than American Idol, IMHO. So many talented people and I look forward for the coming episodes! Then I spent the remaining hours browsing through stuffs on anddddd...I accidentally bought something! I thought I've canceled my order but I received an e-mail about my order the next day and so, there's no turning back.

Well, I guess it's allright since the stuff that I ordered was for my brother cos his birthday is 3 days away. So, it is after all for a good cause, right? Haha. Sunday, after morning mass Merl and I initially planned to go to the Curve and Ikea but that didn't happen because it was so jam along the way. Ended up in One Utama instead...but One Utama confuses me a lot so we didn't stay there for long. We talked about our 'Christmas Project' that we plan to do when we're back home this coming December and I am already super excited! My mind was having a lot of these Christmas visuals that I just can't wait to make it happen :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this.

Starting this week, I will have classes everyday so no more leisure time in the office! Haha...but definitely busy days ahead. Not that I mind, really. On the other note, I will be going to Westlife's concert this coming Friday!!! They're not my ultimate favourite boyband because BSB is still my #1 hehe but they're really famous during my teenage era too. Plus, I like their songs and Nicky's my favourite member. So yeah, can't wait!

Hope you guys had a much better weekend. I know some of you did! Have a great week ahead.

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v said...

My heart goes to #2 and #4 :) lovely.