Thursday, October 06, 2011

The legendary Steve

If you did open Safari browser on your mac today, you will be greeted by this. Yes, the legendary Steve Jobs had passed away early this morning. A man with an awesome mind and a great innovator who had made apple a world wide known brand. I'm kinda a late apple convert. It was back in year 2006 when I fully utilised some of apple's product. Was using the mac G5 throughout my grad school and finally with the help of my mum, got my first macbook 2 years later. But I did experienced using the first iMac when I was in college. My macbook has served me for 3 and a half years now and it has been my very best companion all these while. Even though the battery has died and I might have to fork out RM500 for a new one and there are 2 cracks near the keyboard, I still loooove my macbook :) Plus iTunes! The one and only source for me to hear internet radio.

Somehow this year, there seem to be quite a number of deaths. Some are truly unexpected too. Whatever it is, we got to live our life to the always. Try our best to do all the things we wanna do because you will never know what tomorrow may bring right? This also reminds me to really move my arse and do more stuffs! Anyway, may you rest in peace Mr.'ve been a great inspiration for a lot of people and you've really outdid yourself :) God bless always.

Here are some inspirational quotes from the legendary Steve Jobs found via pinterest.

P/S: Today is also my brother's Happy Birthday!

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