Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Movie buff

Well...not exactly a movie buff but I did managed to watch several movies in the cinema this month itself. Fright Night was not so bad. Kinda like Colin Farrell as a vampire...a real badass one instead of the soft romantic one like Edward Cullen. Dream House was okay too but I guess there has been a few Hollywood movies that has the same kind of concept story. So it was just an okay movie for me plus I'm not exactly into this thriller-drama genre...well, it depends on my mood because some of those movies can be nice too.

Of course you should already know that I looooove chick flicks, like a lot! So I managed to watch What's Your Number? last Saturday with Merl and boy, do I like this movie! Very entertaining because Anna Faris is one of those actresses who doesn't mind doing silly stuff. I liked her in House Bunny and her little role in Just Friends. It is also an added BONUS that Chris Evans is in What's Your Number? as well! I mean, he's Captain America! What's not to like right? And the fact that he's pretty much naked in most of the scenes won't hurt your eyes too hahaha :D He is just a likeable person even when he acted as a high school jock in Not Another Teen Movie. Anyone seen that movie before?

A typical chick flick normally has a predictable ending and it is pretty much the same with What's Your Number? But, I do like the whole storyline of this movie...somehow I find it fresh and new in some way. Like that scene where Anna Faris and Chris Evans played strip basketball. That looks like a fun idea right? Anyway, I  recommend this movie if you like chick flick or just wanna watch something laughable...and of course for Chris freaking Evans :DDDD
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I also managed to watch the new version of Three Musketeers few weeks ago and I loved it as well. Though I do think that the fighting scene could be more but overall I loved it. The costumes were nicely designed too. Anddd...that guy who played Aramis! Pretty cool guy.

I have yet to watch Reel Steel, since everyone has been raving about how awesome that movie is. I'm pretty sure they are right. Will have to watch it before I fly off to Beijing this coming Sunday. Anyway, any movies that you find interesting lately? I am actually looking forward to watch the remake of Footloose since I do like the original version (which I've finally watched last weekend haha) but when I checked, it will only be released here in January next year! Soooo freaking slow lah...

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