Thursday, October 20, 2011

Of vintage mails

I went to this Stamp & Postage fairwhich was held in Pyramid a week ago in conjunction with the Stamp Week, organised by Pos Malaysia. I have LOVED stamps since I was a teen and collect it from time to time. One of the reasons why I joined Postcrossing is to also receive interesting stamps from around the globe. Just last week, I've received two Pixar series stamps.

Anyway at the exhibition, there were several little booth that sell tons of used stamps, first day covers and even vintage postcards and mails...yes, they're really old. Some of the mails was dated back in 1930s! I managed to score a few vintage postcards as well as first day covers to add in my collection of old stuffs. I loved how well designed all of the first day covers are. Nice choice of colours, nice typography, nice layout and the printing effects are lovely as well. I would've bought more, if I could but yeah...gotta stick to the budget or else, I will really run out of money. Actually, I am running out of money already. DANG.

Pixar series stamps! Got the Toy Story version which is fine, eventhough
I haven't watched the movie yet haha! Got this from a swap I joined from swap-bot. I would
loooove to receive more. Cars and The Incredibles perhaps?
I love this kind of illustration style :)
Back in the days, the people have absolutely beautiful handwriting!
Wished I can write as nice as them.
First day covers, close-up version.
This one is one of my faves mainly because of the Europa typeface.
I also found an aerogram with an owl painting in it. Score!

I think in 20 years time, I might sell all my postcards that I've received and probably will get decent $$ for it right? 

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