Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This steel is the real deal

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I gotta say, this movie is definitely one of the must watch movie this year. I've read quite a number of good reviews about it even before I got the chance to watch it in the cinema and when I finally watched it with my colleague last week, I totally agree too. It was superb!

Such a feel good movie with a nice mixture of action, drama and humour added in it. The storyline was good as it slowly builds up the climax. I love Max Kenton's (Hugh Jackman's son) character in this movie a lot. He reminded me of Abigail Breslin who acted as Ryan Reynold's daughter in Definitely, Maybe (one of my favourite movies too). They're kids but pretty wise in giving advices to their fathers. Those advices that even their own fathers didn't see it coming. The father-son relationship in Real Steel movie made me tear up a little, yes I did cry in some parts because I thought about my father...and our relationship is, well let's just say not exactly sailing smoothly :( But like I've said, I've learned to forgive...slowly, so I don't really hold too much grudges on him anymore.

I also like the fact that the kid has BIG faith on his dad and kept telling his dad that he can do it and win the last fight. Not much to write but do go and watch this movie if you haven't. By the way, Hugh Jackman...is a total DILF! Hahaha!

P/S: Pardon the post title. I know it's lame :P

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