Thursday, October 13, 2011

Westlife Gravity Tour

Really sorry for being MIA for a while. Yes, I am still busy with work and classes but the internet has been getting on my nerves for the past few weeks. I know my internet at home is slower than a snail but I didn't expect it to be the same in the office! I really should consider subscribing to Unifi soon. Next month probably.

Anyway, last week I went to watch Westlife live in concert at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium 9same venus as Maroon 5's concert few months back). In case you don't know who Westlife is (duh!), they are an Irish boyband who came into fame during my teenage era...that was like around 1997 and yes, they were REALLY huge. I think they were the second most successful boyband in Europe after Boyzone.

Like I've said, I'm not exactly a big fan of 'em but I do like their songs and most of the time, I tend to sing-a-long their songs without even realising it haha! Seeing them live is like I'm reliving my high school days and when they performed songs like Flying Without Wings, My Love and the ever famous Uptown Girl, it always reminded me about something that had happened during my high school days. The lads still looked good! I don't know why but they don't seem to age at all! Shane and Mark's vocal was still very good, though I do think that Mark kinda gained a little weight. Kian is still with his super laid-back style and Nicky, who's actually my favourite member looks really really GOOD! Was a little starstruck when I saw him on stage hehe~

I do wish they performed more of their old songs like Fool Again, Queen Of My Heart, Unbreakable and Bop Bop Baby but then again, they were there to promote their new album so basically they performed more of their newer songs...not that I'm complaining. At least I'm glad they performed one of my fav, Flying Without Wings! Absolutely love that song :) All in all, I did had a good time even if I had to sit pretty far from the stage. Can't afford to buy the expensive tix and also thanks to Ivan for being the company for the night.

Here are some not so clear photos...they didn't allow people to bring their big ass DSLR cameras but obviously, I will always sneak in my point and shoot cam :P


Corina said...

Cool pics!
It must have been a good concert :)
Have a nice week

Vivien Dumpangol said...

concert's was good! have a nice week to you too!