Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busy bee

Lecture Kit is killing meh!
I know I haven't had anything interesting to blog about these days because I've been busy dealing with work BOO! As you can see the proof above, I've been trying my best to finish the lecture kits that I was assigned to do before the deadline and also before the Penang branch people comes over to get it. Like I've said, this month is a busy month plus...the semester is almost coming to an end so more grading to do pretty soon.

Well, other than that...I'm doing okay so far. I guess it's good that I am being busy because it can be a good distraction from over-thinking about other stuffs no? Oh, I know I still owe some of my friends and family some paintings...I will assure you that I will give it to all of you soon! All you gotta do is just keep your patience a little longer for me yeah? Not forgetting, a freelance job that I also NEED to complete ASAP! Times like this I really wish I can write well in English because copywriting job is definitely not my forté :/ Whatever it is, I am hoping and praying that everything will eventually turns out A-OK.

I'll do my best to update more but really, my life is so not very hip and happening these days la...well, not that it was always hip and happening anyway :P

Reading...Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
-I am on my reading marathon at the moment and so far it has been pretty good! I am trying to read this book every chance that I can get before the movie premieres here.

Listening...Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Soundtrack
-Totally addictive! The music in the soundtrack are so so good! I've been listening to the songs (on youtube) everyday :)

Making...Mail Art (for swap-bot) and paintings for friends

Watching...Hart Of Dixie, The Secret Circle, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Vampire Diaries, Pan Am, 90210, Gossip Girl, Two And A Half Men, HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory, Glee.
-Basically all the shows that I watch every week :D quiet reading time before bed at night and calls from my mother :)

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