Friday, November 04, 2011

Only in Beijing: Part 1

I *will* try to post and share photos everyday (hopefully) on my recent company trip to Beijing so please bear with me for this few days as there is gonna be heaps of Beijing photos! I just hope you won't get sick of it that fast haha...

One of the places that we visited in Beijing was Temple Of Heaven. Mind you, my general knowledge about China is not that fact there's so many things I do not know about the country itself which is a shame because I am after all half Chinese pffft. Anyway according to Wiki, Temple Heaven (天坛) is basically a Taoist Temple and the Emperors from the Ming and Qing dynasties usually visit the place and pray to heaven for good harvest. This particular temple is about 600 years old! I think this is one of my favourite visited places during the trip. Probably because we went there in the morning and the skies are all blue and all. I love all the intricate details of the temple...actually most of the traditional buildings in China has beautiful details on it :)

If you were to visit Temple of Heaven when you're in Beijing, try to visit it in the morning. The whole atmosphere seems to be more nicer, me thinks. But do get prepared to see tons of other tourist around too.

Next post: The Great Wall!

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