Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Only in Beijing: Part 3

Today's edition of Only in Beijing is all about the streets! Well, didn't managed to capture a lot of photos but here are some of the best ones that I can share. We did not took the direct flight to Beijing actually. We landed in another city called Tianjin and took a coach bus to Beijing. The journey was about 1 and a half hours long. It's really close to winter so basically both cities, Tianjin and Beijing are cold. But Tianjin for me, seems to be colder.

One thing I noticed in Beijing was the signages on the buildings are really big and very prominent during the night. We also went to visit 798 Art District but I wished we could spend longer time there. Clearly 1 hour wasn't enough because there are still so many other shops that we didn't manage to venture yet :(

Final part coming soon! On the other note, I will be pretty busy this whole month. I've got this thing to complete at work and the given deadline is the end of the month and...I haven't started a single thing yet pffft. I also do realise that my blog's getting boring too and it's because I've got nothing really interesting to share these days *sigh* Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos!


Ivan Ho said...

trees with wires going thru feels comfortable.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yeah...i like the colours of the leaves as well.