Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The she & him christmas

If you don't already know, I am a pathetic, sad lonely girl hahah (just kidding) but it's kinda true! I mean I buy birthday and Christmas gift for sad is that right? Totally reminded me of one episode of Mr. Bean where he would send Christmas cards for himself...expect I don't think I am THAT pathetic. Anyway, my package that I ordered from Amazon arrived yesterday! Bought A Very She & Him Christmas album as an early present for myself because...I wanted to heee~

I'm pretty sure this album is not available here...oh wait, it might be available in Rock Corner but then, I'm not really sure. I LOVE Christmas albums a lot and I just had to get this one because Zooey Deschanel's voice is so nice to hear and the Christmas songs that she sang in the albums are oh so nice as well. Even the packaging of the album is well designed with good choice of stock card and the type treatment is clean and simple just the way I like it.

Current favourite songs in this album would be: The Christmas Waltz, I'll Be Home For Christmas, Baby It's Cold Outside and Sleigh Ride. Well, all the songs are worthy to hear. I could imagine listening to this album on Christmas morning with hot coffee of course :)

Speaking of Christmas songs, this video premiered today! I would say this is my favourite song from JB's Under The Mistletoe album :) Hope nobody gets the wrong idea of me posting this video. I like Justin Bieber but I'm not obsessed with him. I mean c'mon, I'm not 12 right? That is all.

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RACHAEL said...

haha don't worry--i totally justify buying things for myself around my birthday/christmas time as "presents" for myself ;) i got the she & him album as well (just bought the iTunes version), such a nice change from the other usual christmas music! x