Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend wrap up #3

1. Christmas Deco outside Sunway Pyramid  2. Close up
3. Christmas tree!  4.  Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte Christmas Edition
5. JB's Under The Mistletoe album...I WANT IT!
6. Chucky doll that my cousin Mierah wants  7. Typical Twilight fan girls :P
8.  Visited +Wondermilk cafe for the first time  9. Mierah's hot cocoa

Every Monday morning, I am always feeling the dread of doing something like...waking up for work. I have never ever liked that feeling and just like any other Mondays, that feeling came in this morning as well. I seriously felt like I haven't had a decent sleep for weeks now...I was wondering am I THAT busy to neglect a decent sleep? When all of my work task comes to an end, I will definitely enjoy sleeping in more. Just one more one to go...

Anyway, I had a pretty fulfilling weekend last week? How was yours? Hanging out with the cousins had been good and  fun since I hardly been hanging out with them especially on weekends. Mierah and I decided to catch a midnight movie last Friday night and initially wanted to watch Shark (because Mierah loves blood and gory stuff...tsk don't ask why) but the seats were full so we decided to watch Happy Feet 2 instead and it wasn't so bad at all. It was a very cute movie and that little penguin Eric is soooooo freaking cute! I admit there were some parts of the movie where I almost shed a tear haha. P!nk was really awesome in singing some of the songs in there as well...oh and that two little krills, voiced by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon were adorable too. Go watch it if you love the first movie, penguins, musicals and everything cute and adorable :)

Saturday was another working day for me and only managed to hang with Merl and Mierah at midnight. Watched the EPL match between Man United vs Swansea, which Man United won but it was a 'meh' match...I don't know why, everytime I watch a Man United match these days, the result would always be 1-0 and Chicharito is the only one who scored. What is up with that? On Sunday we went to Tropicana Mall to be one of the fan girls and claimed our free movie tickets to watch Breaking Dawn: Part 1 this coming Wednesday!!! Since I am broke right now, the best thing to do is to get as much free stuff as possible hahaha. Yes, I have no shame at all pffft. So yes, thanks to Mierah who told us about the  info, we managed to score  2 pairs of free tickets each. Actually, it was in conjuction with The Star paper event thing that was going on in Tropicana.

We visited +Wondermilk Cafe after spending almost the whole day in the shopping mall and I gotta say, I am in LOVE with that cafe! I've heard and read about it so many times but never had the chance to visit but I'm glad that I finally did yesterday. I'll post more photos in the next post. Went home around 8, took a short nap and off again to Mierah's place to watch Liverpool vs Chelsea match, which was actually much more fun to watch because the lil cousin of mine, screams like CRAZZZZY for Liverpool. Anyway, congrats LFC! Revenge awaits for you in Old Trafford on Feb 11, 2012 :)

Indeed, it was a good weekend. For this week, I will have to work a little hard since the deadline is so near now plus I gotta finish as much gradings as possible so that I can have another good long weekend. Will be heading up north to Penang on Friday night to attend my ex-college mate's wedding. I'm excited but then I really don't know what to expect yet since I haven't seen some of my ex-college mates for a long, hoping for a nice weekend up north! Have a great week ahead.

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