Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adieu twenty eleven

Today, we will finally bid adieu to the year 2011. How is it that the year 2011 has passed by so friggin' fast? I absolutely have no idea. Looking through this year, it has been quite a fulfilling year to me. I would say it was a pretty calm with not so much chaos year for me too. The ups and downs in life are always's something that we go through every day but nevertheless, this year has been pretty good :)

I would say the saddest moment for this year was when I heard about the late Abang Andrew's passing from my cousin. It was heartbreaking not only to me but the ones that were affected the most by this news were his children. But like they've said, everything happens for a reason. No matter how many times we mourn, life eventually needs to move on. I'm just hoping that my cousins will remember the good times and look forward for the future.

As for achievements...well, not so much I guess haha! I would say I'm pretty proud to be able to self-fund my first vacation outside Malaysia. I went to Indonesia for the very first time in early May and I had a good time over there :) So, it is actually a start for me to *try* and do more travelling in the years to come, self-funded of course heh. I've also managed to go to a few concerts in 2011. Started with Maroon 5, then Justin Bieber (yes, I did went to his concert but I only saw him from afar), Incubus and Westlife. Missed out Micheal Buble which was such a bummer! Not forgetting Bruno Mars as well.

Anyway, I wish all of you had an awesome year as well. If 2011 brought tons of awesome-ness to you, then virtual high five! If it didn't, well...always remember that better days ahead. Let us all hope 2012 will bring more joy and happiness to all of us! Be young, wild and free...according to Snoop and Wiz Khalifa hahaha. God bless xxx

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