Saturday, December 03, 2011

Christmas jam

It's finally December! Of course you should already know that December is obviously my favourite month. Looking forward for celebrations and going back home soon! But right at this very moment, I am extremely busy rushing off to meet my deadline. This teaching kit that I am currently working on needs to be done by this coming Tuesday and I've just completed 70% of it. Plus, final submission from students will add to the workload too. I'm not complaining...because as busy as I am or no matter how tired I am working overtime, I *think* I am okay with it...provided that I have to listen to tons of upbeat music to pump up my energy to finish my work then I should be just fine.

Other recommendations:
Blue Christmas - Jon Bon Jovi
This Christmas - Chris Brown
All I Want For Christmas Is You - JustinBieber & Mariah Carey
The Christmas Song - Nate King Cole
I'll Be Home/White Christmas - The Katinas (this group is so good!)
O' Little Town Of Bethlehem - The Katinas
Let It Snow - Michael Buble

What's your favourite Christmas song?


Anonymous said...

Last Christmas by The Beatmas(Rubber Band)and Sleigh Ride by Diana Krall.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

thanks for sharing! i remembered listening to last christmas by the brother has that song :)