Saturday, December 24, 2011

Home for the holidays

Yes, my girlfriends are awesome!

This was what greeted me when I reached Terminal 2 airport yesterday :) Good to be back! Anyway, it's already Christmas Eve today and I'm pretty sure everyone are excited for Christmas tomorrow. I forsee a quiet Christmas this year since 3 of my cousins are not coming back to celebrate so this year's Christmas will be kinda incomplete :( I haven't been doing much since I came back two days ago haha. Been staying at home, watch some show on the telly and been helping my mum preparing for dinner.

Will be heading to Christmas Eve mass later at 10 and then...not really sure what to do after that heh. Well, even if this year's Christmas will be a quiet one, I just hope I'll still enjoy it being together with my fam and cousins. I know we can't really do fancy dinners to go or BIG family vacation but as long as we still keep the Christmas spirit alive among each other, I guess we should be A-OK :) I remembered one time during Christmas, all of us cousins had nothing to do so we stayed home, eating biscuits, and drinking orange juice! Pathetic I know, but we still had each other :) That was all it matters haha. Hope you guys are enjoying your Christmas Eve so far.

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