Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Quiet Christmas

Like I've mentioned, this year's Christmas was a quiet one for my family and also my cousins but to be honest, I don't really mind at all. Had brunch with the cousins on Christmas Day at this Kedai Kopi in Donggongon called Sin Hin where everybody seems to love drinking kopi sejuk there, including yours truly. The little girls, Ophelia and Odessa LOVES playing with their foods and from time to time they tend to be out of control but apparently Ophelia was so ever ready to pose for a photo :) Then I followed my cousins to visit graveyards of the late Kakak Angeline, Abang Andrew plus the late Uncle Ambrose and Aunty Maggie. I know it's a little odd for us to do this on Christmas Day but it has been an annual thing for my cousins complains there :)

Went for a little Christmas get together at my Aunt's place at night and it was pretty enjoyable especially towards supper time when I get to hear childhood stories from my dad. Sometimes, I really wish I can go back to the past and experience my parents' childhood. It would be awesome to know how they live their lives back in the 50s. 'Twas a very fulfilling night with good foods and great companies. I haven't been to my Aunt's home for a while so it was a nice feeling to be back there again. On Boxing Day, my girlfriends and I rented a room in Promenade Apartments for one night just to have a mini girls day out kind of thing hehe. Did our annual gift exchange session, this time with a new addition in our little group and then we went to B.E.D (my first time being in that club) for a fun night out. I'll post photos soon! I didn't really fancy the music that was played in the club and the DJ kept remixing the songs and turned it to house music which definitely annoyed me but nevertheless, I still think we did had fun.

It has been raining almost every single day in KK and I've been enjoying it so far especially when it rains in the morning! Just soooo nice to be tucked in the blanket and savour the moment. But I kinda feel like because it has been raining everyday, I tend to get lazy to do things. I was supposed to fill up my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project during this holiday since it's the only time I am able to do so but I haven't even continue adding up stuffs yet. All I want to do is to chill, watch TV and read my books. But since I've got only a few more days left before I fly back to KL, I should really make my days more productive, no?

Anyway, I'll be attending my high school 10 years reunion today! Hope it's gonna be good meeting up old friends again :) Will try to update more in these few days!

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