Friday, December 09, 2011

That penang trip #2

Penang+wedding+college mates. That was what happened two weekends ago. It's good to be able to visit Penang again after haven't been there for a while. This time around it is to attend a wedding and not for work purpose, which of course was way better! Those days where I had to fly off to Penang every single week was crazy tiring! Anyway, I haven't seen some of my college mates in a VERY long time so I have no idea how would I react when they see me's like I'm not even sure if they remembers me since I'm not exactly the most 'cool and happening' person in college haha. 

Well, the short trip turned out to be real fun and good actually. Meeting old college mates, catching up with each other and also managed to get a some R&R too :) I'm glad that we stayed in Batu Feringgi instead of Georgetown because being away from the hustle and bustle of city and enjoying the sea breeze at the beach is ALWAYS good! So to cut the long story short, I am sure all of us including yours truly did had a really good time. Even if it's just a short trip, it was still great :) The after 'wedding-party' which was held in one of the hotel room that my college mates were staying, totally went crazy and err...wild! Haha...I was tipsy, but not I am glad I was still in good control LOL. But really, it was a VERY VERY crazy after party.

Congratulations again to Li Shien and Ter Yi, may God bless the both of you with more happiness to come! I also love to say a big thank you for my fellow college mates for all the fun times and good hospitality while in Penang. Hope I'll get to hang out with them more in the future lah :)


Ivan Ho said...

help me to censor my nipple.. HAHA kidding

Vivien Dumpangol said...

show just a little bit nevermind lah hahaha!