Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Twenty one

I am finally off the hook from working overtime! Last week has been really hectic, having to rush on a deadline and at the same time getting some family lovin' with the cousins. Indeed it has been a REALLY tiring week but it's all good! Not gonna complain much about it as long as I've done my part, then I'm A-OK. At least now I can find some time to blog, read, paint and finish few more things at work before my long awaited 2 weeks time!

So... Audrey turned 21 on November 30th and we went for a dinner in Pavillion to celebrate. It was good meeting the two sisters again, Anne and Audrey though I think I didn't really manage to spend THAT much time with them since I had to work :( We Tango-ed with Jess via Audrey's iPhone and wished she was here joining the celebration. It's her birthday today by the way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!

Anyway, I also decided to join Merl, Mierah and Drey to Rootz club last Saturday night though initially I didn't felt like going because I was thinking of doing what else but work! But I ended up going and it wasn't that bad after all. I might think that I'm getting old going into clubs now... well, not that I go that often anyway pffft. What I like about Rootz was the music was the kind of music that I love dancing to but once I'm out from the club, my entire body smelled horrible and I hate it!

Nevertheless, it was still a good and fun night :) Happy Birthday again Drey and also to Jess! Heaps of love to you both! xx

More updates soon!


Ivan Ho said...

i like my last 2nd foto

Vivien Dumpangol said...

why you comment here? wrong post la hahaa

Ivan Ho said...

Oh hahaha. Sorry.