Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Two more sleeps

Another instagram photo update :) The last photo was taken on Sunday when I attended one of my good friend Raden's wedding luncheon. I've got few more photos during the wedding which I hope I'll be able to post it soon. Just a little update on life...I am still busy at work! I am currently involved in this holiday art camp since yesterday and today I had a back to back t-shirt printing workshop to conduct for the high school leavers. I am very thankful for my students (3 of 'em) who are willing to come over to assist me during their semester break! Thank you guys!!!

After this art camp, I have another meeting tomorrow to attend so you can see that my time is REALLY limited in doing other things like spring clean my workspace and room! I am leaving for KK in two days time...no doubt I'm feeling very excited but this never ending workload seems to overtake my excitement now boo! One thing I'm happy about was I did managed to slot in some painting time over the weekend and will be mailing a painting that I owed to a blogger friend tomorrow :) Anyway, my birthday was celebrated in a very quiet way haha...it was pretty much the same like my 25th. It's alright I guess because as I get older, I come to realise that I'd want to celebrate special occasions with people who matters to me the most then it'll be more 'special' right? So there was a pre-birthday dinner and watching Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol on my actual birthday. That was already good enough for me though I am having this feeling that I am #foreveralone since I don't really have THAT much friends to celebrate my birthday with heh.

On the other note, Ghost Protocol was awesome! Loved the stunts that Tom Cruise did especially the ones in Dubai. Simon Pegg was awesome as well :) Just two more sleeps left till I can be home!

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