Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Challenge Accepted//Day 1

Since today is already a brand new month I thought I'd join this simple challenge. So for the whole month of February, I will be posting a photo a day based on the list given. This challenge was taken from You can join the the fun as well!

Instagram and Twitter users, use the hashtag #FEBphotoaday 

Let's see if I am able to do this or not. As Barney Stinson of HIMYM said, "Challenge accepted!"

So Day #1 is a photo of my view today. I am showing you a morning view of the swimming pool at the place that I am staying in Sunway. I've only been in this pool once, can you believe that? It's not that I don't want to go swimming again but having strange looking men staring at you while you're swimming is just scary!

Anyway, regular post will still be up in this blog yeah?

Day #1: Your view Today
{February Photo A Day Challenge}

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