Wednesday, January 04, 2012

December movie

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sorry, I'm a little late on the wishing part heh. I was savouring my days in KK hence the reason why I didn't do much update here. I am now back in the Peninsula! It's back to workrbut my classes will only start next week :) Anyway, I know it's already a new year but if you haven't watched New Year's Eve yet, GO watch it! I mean, if you're like me who love love love chick flick/Rom Com movies then you'll definitely love this. Lots of actors/actresses to ogle at like Zac Efron (yum!), Jon Bon Jovi (who can sing oh so well)  and Sofia Vergara (she's hot!).

This movie has the same concept like Valentine's Day. You get to see different stories in one movie and all the actors/actresses played different roles in it. The first time I watched New Year's Eve, I err...cried! Especially that Robert De Niro's scene because it was just heartbreaking! Then the second time I watched this movie, I was in KK watching together with the girlfriends...I almost shed another tear but I didn't heh. But Eve, who sat right next to me during the movie cried buckets. Heheh. There is something that you can learn in this movie, when the part where Hilary Swank gave her speech and also the speech made by Josh Duhamel. It was something about learning how to forgive people, giving second chances and most importantly to love more. Josh Duhamel said something about listening to your heart and take the leap of faith to do that something that you've always wanted to do.

Very inspiring but I'm having problems with the taking the leap of faith part. If only I am not too chicken to do or say the things that I've been keeping inside me...*le sigh* On the other note, Zac Efron was such a charmer in the movie! I love his chemistry with Michelle Pfeiffer. Their story was definitely my favourite. Jon Bon Jovi, he's 50 years old now and still looking fineeeee! * Excuse the fan girl mode* His rendition of Have A Little Faith was good too. I also liked the supporting roles in the movie, Sofia Vergara and Russell Peters!

I didn't know Zac Efron was such a good dancer! Yes I've seen him dance in High School Musical but that has been choreographed. In New Year's Eve, his dancing has a lot of...swag. Yup, that's the word. Swag! Thanks to this person who uploaded this video on youtube, you are able to view his dance moves here...but if you don't want any spoiler, then you should skip it. IMHO, New Year's Eve was such a feel good movie to watch and I recommend you guys to watch it too :)

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