Thursday, March 01, 2012

Going red

A new month has just marched in (please don't mind the pun), it is time to re-focus back on whatever we're doing now since there's not that much holidays from now on until Labour Day, which is in the month of May. I'm currently on a week break from classes but sad to say that it's ending very soon! Been trying to prepare all the teaching materials for next week but I've been quite a slacker this week plus I haven't really had that much sleep *again*

Anyway, my department just had a meeting today and looks like all of us including me will be busy involving an exhibition that we're organising this coming June. I have been asked to be in charge of the design part, which is something that I find VERY challenging and scary...okay, not really scary but yes, challenging because I haven't been doing design stuff in a while. More like a long while! So I'm not exactly sure whether my capability in design will be good or not :/ But again, I shall take this challenge because if I don't, I will never know right? Plus it will be so boring if I kept on doing lectures all the time and not to do design stuff from time to time. I REALLY hope I can do this though so do pray for me yeah? And I'll do the same vice versa :)

I just went to develop this lomo redscale film few days ago and I'm pretty happy with some of the photos :) Some of it turned out to be underexposed but it's okay, I still have another 2 rolls of redscale film to use. I think that's the beauty of lomography right? You don't think but just shoot and you'll definitely get unexpected results. Here are some of the photos that are considered pleasing to the eye haha. I absolutely love the first one! I don't even know how to achieve that result. Bigger size photos are in my flickr account. Enjoy!

Camera: Supaheadz Ultra Wide Slim
Film: Lomography Redscale XR 

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