Monday, January 16, 2012

Got shackles on, my words are tied

First and foremost, I just want to take this opportunity to apologise for my sort of 'inappropriate' behaviour while watching a concert. I KNOW that I am like a totally different person everytime I'm in a concert because I scream, I jump and, one insane person. So if you find my behaviour  totally inappropriate, I am truly sorry hehehe. But the thing about going to a concert is, you are supposed to scream, jump and dance right? Especially if the singer/band is your favourite or if that particular singer/band is performing your most favourite song. You are bound to you know...lose control! And it wasn't a surprise for me to be a little out of control during Foster The People's concert last Friday hahaha.

It was a good concert. Although I wished the venue would be in a different place and also the organisers SHOULD organise the standing plan well enough before letting everybody in. Why is the party zone people are in the same zone with the regular ones? Anyway, Foster The People were sooooo effing good! From singing, to playing the instruments and also keeping the crowd happy. That Mark Foster has got some serious talent there! Plus his one of a kind dancing was awesome too. I wasn't able to see the whole band clearly as everyone was standing at the same eye level and the people at the front kept using their smart phones and ipads to take photos and videos hence it was  distracting my view *sigh* It was also one of the reasons why I had to keep jumping just to catch a few seconds of the band itself. I bet Ivan was annoyed of me jumping up and down next to him haha.

As I've predicted, their opening song was 'Houdini' and ended with their hit song, 'Pumped Up Kicks'. When I heard Mark Foster singing the first few words of 'I Would Do Anything', I literally jumped and screamed like a freaking groupie because that was my favourite song from their Torches album. I am not proud of this behaviour but c'mon, cut me some slack aye? Then, the band also decided to cover a Weezer song. My initial thought was they were probably gonna cover 'The Sweater Song' but they didn't...they covered my ultimate FAVOURITE Weezer song, 'Say It Ain't So' instead! Man...that totally brought back memories seeing that song was more than 10 years ago. Absolutely awesome!

What a way to start a brand new year huh? Indeed it was a good night. I was able to meet up with my ex-college mates as well but we were separated during the concert. Should've stayed with them so that at least I've got friends to scream, jump and dance with. Ivan was not really keen in doing those things haha. But it's alright. Here's hoping for more great concerts in KL. Can we bring John Mayer down please??? Thanks Foster The People for a great show! Cubie Fink, love it when you play the bass hehehe.

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