Thursday, January 19, 2012


In case you don't already know, I am going back to KK again tomorrow! This time around, is to celebrate Chinese New Year since the college will be closed for a week. I kinda wish I can celebrate CNY in Tawau this year because it has been way to long since I celebrated a real know with family reunion, lion dance and all. But it's alright...being in KK is already good enough :) I am also looking forward for Eve and Jo's engagement day which is this coming Saturday! Simone and I are doing a sort of collabo project for Eve's e-day. She (Simone) is doing the baking part which is a BIG responsibility and I'm just doing the designing part, which is something that I don't mind doing at all since I am quite free at the moment. Only have class on Mondays and then I will have more classes in mid Feb. So yes, I can honestly say that I've got pretty much a lot of free time at the moment though I really don't want to be labeled as as slacker in the office haha.

But then, having too much free time can make you lazy too and that applies to me because when I'm home, I was supposed to finish filling up my sketchbook but I totally procrastinated. Not sure if I am able to finish it by end of the month but I will try. Part of the reason why I was being lazy at home was because I am currently hooked on Mad Men! Just started watching Season 1 actually heh. Been watching this show almost everyday and now I am left with one more episode to go. I liked the fact that this show was set back in the gotta love that era man. Men dressed in suits and the women wear beautiful dresses. Plus Mad Men revolves around advertising, which is interesting as well since I've took the course back in college. So it's fascinating to see how advertising agencies work during the 60s.

Anyway, I still have lots of things to blog about and I will try to make time to update this blog when I'm in KK. Hopefully I won't be THAT lazy then haha. On the other note, Glee's back with new episodes and also trouty mouth Sam too. Love their rendition of Summer Lovin' in this week's episode. Looking forward for the tribute to Michael Jackson episode on Jan 31st!

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