Monday, February 27, 2012

27//Ngiu Chap!

Day #27: Something You Ate
{February Photo A Day Challenge}

It's been a while since I have eaten Ngiu Chap (Beef Brisket Noodles). I don't usually crave for it whenever I'm in KK because I actually like Mee Tuaran more :) But I got the chance to have Ngiu Chap again when I was back to KK last month and it was good! Looking at the photo above makes me hungry now *growling stomach* I had this right after Sunday morning you know the day before was Eve's engagement day and she totally banned us from going to the sunset mass that day...but of course she meant it in a good way. She just wanted us to have more fun throughout the night which we did! So anyway, Simone and I went to the 10am mass the next day, joining a whole bunch of Timor-Leste people haha. Right after mass, we went to Dongs for brunch and randomly decided to have Ngiu Chap at Loi Hin :) I think Ngiu Chap price is a little expensive now in KK, it used to be like just about RM3 last time? The last time I ate Ngiu Chap was in this restaurant in Millennium and it cost a whooping RM7! Well, nevertheless it's nice to have it once in a while especially since I don't even have the chance to eat it here in KL. I also looooove Teh C Ping a lot :)

On the other note, I am almost done with this Photo A Day Challenge! It's kinda exhausting to do this challenge to be honset but pretty fun too.


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i'm glad you still love the ngiu chap at new loi hin (since it is the best) the next time you're back i'll bring you to the hilltop one...