Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 11 // Photo A Day Challenge

Day #11: Makes You Happy
{February Photo A Day Challenge}

It's really easy to make me it spending time with family and close friends, getting unexpected gifts, a treat of milo ping, going in a bookstore, students saying thank you to me, well...basically even little things that people do can already put a smile on my face as long as you do it with pure sincerity.

One of the things that can also make me happy is of course receiving snail mails! Especially when it comes with a little extra effort, like mail art for example or really awesome stamps like the photo above! I absolutely love the USA Forever Stamps series...I've got a few and just last Friday, I received this mail with a Wall-E Forever Pixar series stamp on it :) I've got the Buzz Lightyear stamp before so now I am looking for Cars, Up and the Ratatouille ones.

P/S: Another thing that makes me happy this month is having my cousin Jess staying with me till the end of the month :) Glad to have someone to hang and talk to at home haha.

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