Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 17//Time

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Day #17: Time
{February Photo A Day Challenge}

I think that no matter how hectic or busy our lives are, we always need to find a time to do other things instead of just work. Sometimes, we also need some alone time to re-evaluate our thoughts on things that had happened throughout the day, months or year. Then, we can sort our mind out knowing what are the things we've done so far, things that you wanna do more/improve, knowing whether you've spent enough quality time with your family+friends, etc. I know that I needed that 'alone' time know to reflect on things I've learned and realised in the past months or so. Do I actually make sense here?

So, speaking of learning and realisation, here are some that I've managed to write down in my journal before my head gets occupied with some other stuffs :)
  • Listen to your friend's opinion with an open mind and take it as a lesson to improve yourself. Sometimes, everything doesn't always revolve around you.
  • You have the right to stand up for yourself and defend what you like. Of course, others will also have the right to do so too.
  • Always remember that God, family, friends and health matters the most.
  • Have your own bucket list. Look at it constantly and work hard on fulfilling it.
  • The thrill of watching a football match is when there's  this battle between two teams. But at the end of the day, do realise that it is just a football match. No need to be so pissed if your team lose. Okay, maybe just a little.
  • Making fun of the team that you don't support doesn't prove that you're a hardcore fan of your favourite team.
  • Do things that you love, even if you have to do it alone.
  • The friends that can inspire you are the ones that you should be grateful to have in your life.
  • Trust in God's timing. Do not over-think or else your heart will always wonder.
Apart from having your 'alone' time, if you are able to take some time off thinking about work and do stuffs on the list at the photo above, that'll be awesome! Yes, I REALLY do need to find the time to finish reading my book and paint. Also fyi, I won't turn down an offer to have a coffee with a friend :) 

If I still don't make sense here, all I'm saying is we all need some time off from thinking about work. We do! So always find the time to do other things and I can assure you'll appreciate it more. There's this quote by Bertrand Russell that says, "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time" I believe we *can* agree on that right?

Anyways, it's already the weekend! Here are my songs of the week...apparently, I've been listening to a lot of Chris Brown songs the past few days and I've no idea why. Probably because he just won a Grammy few days ago. Love his mad dancing skills in the new vid, Turn Up The Music and No Bullshit is a nice R&B slow jam-ish song. Love it! Have a great weekend everybody! I might have to work tomorrow because I've got gradings to do boo!

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